Drop off, and the ticketing area is located on the lower level of the main terminal, right after entering through the central entrance. It is recommended arriving at the airport an hour and a half to two hours before the scheduled departure. After checking-in, travelers are directed towards security checkpoints on the upper level of the terminal. All five gates are in the post-security area.

Valid ID

Travelers 18 and over must present a valid identification document at the airport checkpoint to travel. Here is the list of accepted identification documents:

Driver's licenses,

Traveling with Pets

Different airlines have their policies regarding traveling with pets, so passengers. Generally, small pets are permitted through the checkpoint. Pet must be removed from the carrying container. The case will go through the X-ray machine. Animal owners will most likely undergo physical inspection. X-ray tunnel is used to screen carry-on luggage and personal items, so pets should be held away from it.

Once the security screening's completed, owners must place their pets in the carrying container for the safety of the pet and other passengers.

TSA PreCheck

PreCheck is a government project allowing pre-screened passengers considered low-risk to pass security screening faster. PreCheck certified travelers are not required to remove their belt, shoes, and lightweight jackets. They can leave a laptop, tablet, or other devices in a bag. Naturally, this makes passage through security swifter. 93% of TSA PreCheck travelers waited less than 5 minutes in 2019.

Passengers can submit a 5-minute online application. Then an appointment can be scheduled for a further background check. This process takes about 10 minutes, where the applicant's fingerprints will be taken.

Foreign citizens must meet specific residency requirements to pass for the program.

Important Notes

Ticket rates continuously shift and become sold out as other passengers buy and cancel seats. The airport suggests being flexible and booking flights early. Travel agents help travelers with finding reasonable fares and simplifying the booking. Orbitz and Travelocity are online ravel sites offering ticket fares with a compare option. Airline companies often give special fares and discounts on their websites. However, some of the discounted tickets are non-refundable.

TSA allows children under 18 to travel with identification within the United States as long as they are with a companion.

Liquid or gel food items bigger than 3.4 oz should only be placed in checked bags. Solid food can be carried in either checked or carry-on bags. Baby food, Formula, breast milk, and juice in moderate quantities can be brought on a flight in carry-on bags. Bottled water will be disposed of unless its in a container less than 3.4 oz.

Firearms, compressed air guns, BB guns, and ammunition are only permitted in checked bags. Gun carrying travelers must be informed about the local laws on firearms.

TSA lists detailed information about forbidden and allowed items on the official website.